Last analysis of SNS solution through online web marketing kind and pros and cons

Last analysis of SNS solution through online web marketing kind and pros and cons

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Last analysis of SNS platform through online twiter marketing type and pros and cons

If you ask people to select three very famous websites around the world, everyone resolve be able to pick one. Maybe Google, Facebook, and YouTube. If you think of Google, a web that does not miss the top spot as a search engine, and Facebook, which is considered a vibble in the SNS world, it would not be too hard to think of YouTube, the number one video streaming website. Google and Facebook are often threatened by various rivals' strikes and ups, respectively, but the reality is that there are no video streaming blogs that can threaten YouTube yet. Now, people all over the world use YouTube as a matter of course if there is a video they want to watch.

So, why is YouTube gaining such an unparalleled position in the video streaming post? The biggest reason for this is the preoccupation of video streaming sites that were lacking in the past. If you dominate the market, there dedication naturally be many videos, which dedication bring people together on their own, making it difficult to leave to other websites. It is also the homepage where the prosumer arrangement, which makes it easy to make and upload videos on its own, melts the most. Thanks to this strategic preoccupation, YouTube is also a platform that marketers must target.

YouTube, which previously played only a role as a video streaming arrangement, gradually emerged as a SNS platform by introducing a subscription system a few years ago. Now, it is turning into a website medium that can communicate with people through videos uploaded by themselves. As a result, many companies and marketing departments have begun to use YouTube actively. It is no exaggeration to say that he is making his own unique video content and contributing greatly to raising corporate awareness.

YouTube has several advantages that are clearly distinguished from existing SNS. First, not just text, but lively images become the main medium for communication. Humans are essentially visual animals. In addition, it responds more speedily to the visualized media such as pictures, photos, and images than to the arrangement of strings. In this regard, YouTube has an intuitive sense of far ahead of other SNSs. Furthermore, visualized content is easy to control users' subconsciousness. Just by secretly capturing what you are trying to say in the video, the viewer can have the same effect as he/she has heard somewhere without realizing it. Therefore, many companies use YouTube very much to reconsider their brand recognition.

Secondly, the speed of diffusion of content is very easy and fast. This is also bosom from the fact that YouTube deals with video content. First of all, the video content itself can capture many things in a short time. As a result, it provides opportunities for sharing people to show their tastes, hobbies, and interests to others naturally, even if they do not say anything. For example, a user can appeal to others that he likes animals by sharing videos related to them on YouTube. The video he shared does not stop here, but makes it possible for other animal lovers who have encountered the video to re-propagate the video. Not to mention the speed of this propagation is beyond our imagination.

Finally, content that suits the user's taste is automatically uploaded. Similar to other social networking websites, YouTube also runs a subscription arrangement. Through this, you can select and receive the contents you want to receive. However, YouTube does not stop here, but analyzes the page features subscribed to by users and automatically recommends content that suits users' tastes. Through this, the user does not watch the video he does not want to receive, and falls into the infinite swamp of watching the video for hours. This is definitely a bad phenomenon for users, but it is never a bad thing for businesses.

However, YouTube also clearly has its drawbacks. The first is a copyright issue. YouTube is a video streaming blog that operates on the Internet. However, the Internet is not the only case of the video. At this moment, numerous videos are being made on TV, and millions of videos are being filmed on personal cell phones. The videos made like this definitely need copyright protection. However, by cleverly changing the video and illegally posting it on YouTube, all of these content creators are making all of their efforts false. As copyright issues have become a big issue these days, YouTube has been continuously sanctioning copyright infringement videos, but it is true that there is still not enough to overcome the rapid spread.

The second is the difficulty of producing content. SNS such as Facebook and Twitter are based on text, so ordinary individuals can easily create content with PCs or mobile devices. However, YouTube is the main source of video content. Therefore, without equipment for filming, it is not easy to create contents that are used on YouTube. In addition, it is easy to gain popularity if the content is new, but it is easy to turn around the other way around, so it takes several times more effort than regular SNS contents. Even if you try several times, you are not more likely to succeed than traditional SNS.

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