Let's discover out how to grip care of our bodies.

Let's discover out how to grip care of our bodies.

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"Swedish Massage."

The Swedish massage was developed by Healing, also|also} called the father of a physical therapist.

It's known as a very high-quality massage in alien countries, also it's applied to tendon relaxation, pain relief, blood also lymphatic circulation, stress relief, etc. There are four basic andwriting techniques.

It's made up of Effleurage, Petrissage, apotation, also Friction.

Vibration is applied to the giant depending on the situation. also characterized by a comfortable and relaxed feel

It's mainly used for relaxxing whole body care.I suggest a Swedish massage if you wish for to relax your whole body also become peace of your peace.

"Tie Massage."

By stimulating the passage of a flag called sen, it helps smooth the flow of energy to resolve body imbalances also boost metabolism.

this is mainly characterized by lower body stretching also chiropractic using hands, elbows, knees, also soles, which increase flexibility, strengthen joints and ligaments, prevent aging, and relieve pain.

If you want stabilize, refreshment, flexibility, and a light body, tie massage is recommended!

"Limp Massage."

also called lymphadrena rat, it promotes lymphatic circulation also helps discharge waste.

When toxins make up in the lymphatic system where lymphatic fluid flows, your face come to be dry or swollen.

It is a method to clean up wastes, elasticize the skin, and prevent aging by making blood circulation also lymphatic fluids work well.

I suggest this method when I want to grip out my body's toxins!

"Honoracic massage."

Gyeongnak is a method to circulate energy by reviving the passage of energy flowing through our bodies.

Gyeongnak is a passageway through which the body is capable to move alive and move.

this is deeply related to organs in the body. Through the meridian, the halsoicap can be released also the internal balance of the body can be adjusted to create a balanced body.


this is a technique that helps human physical, mental, and psychological health by combining fragrance also treatment.
It uses natural essential oils to start the functions of the autonomic nervous structure, endocrine system, also immune system.

It also influence emotions also emotions, so it calms both the body and the mind 마사지.

I recommend aromatherapy if you want to like both body and mind peace with a pleasant scent.

"Sports Massage."

this is designed to improve physical functions such as improving athletes' performance, increasing joint range, and relieving fatigue in a short time.

It is mainly used to warm muscles also smooth blood circulation through massage before and after the game to relieve tension and increase concentration. Mass-fat diet is a treatment method that corrects mental also physical imbalance, prevents trauma or disability, also helps relieve fatigue and boost vitality.

Basically, rather than using tools, it is effective to relax muscles by tapping, rubbing, also rubbing with your hands.
Strong exercise or long-term activities can be expected to have the greatest recovery effect on muscles that are heavy also fatigue accumulated.
It's a bit of a strong massage, so I recommend it to those who want strong pressure.

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